Diversity and Inclusion in Education 

Diversity and Inclusion in Education is an important piece of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals under SDG4.
Diversity is everything that makes people different from each other. This includes many different factors: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ability, age, religious belief, or political conviction. All these factors work together to inform how students (and teachers, and everyone else encounter the world.


What you will learn

How you will learn

This course is divided into four weeks and each lecture lasts 2 hours with discussion and quizzes. Each module must be completed within a week. Coursework includes videos, lectures, readings, discussions, and quizzes. At the end of the course attendants are required to take exams. Active participants will get a certificate of completion.

This course is structured by Baku Eurasian University, open to general public and it is free of charge.


Email: [email protected]

Deadline: 7 April 2024